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Corey's pivotal moment to become a musician began on Feb. 9th 1964, the night The Beatles appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show. Twas that night that Corey decided he wanted to play the guitar and one day play in a rock band.  

In elementary school Corey played the Clarinet and the Baritone Horn. He tried playing Banjo for about 6 months and also studied Piano for over a year. At age 11 his parents bought him his first acoustic guitar. At age 13, he received his first electric guitar and amplifier - a 1966 Fender Telecaster and a Fender Bandmaster amp. Since those days he has also played drums, bass, keyboards, Ukulele and Mandolin.


By age 14 he was leading and playing in his first band,

The Psychedelic Sound, a band heavily influenced by The British Invasion bands as well as the emerging L.A. and S.F. music scenes. The Psychedelic Sound played many social events, local talent shows and in the local Battle of the Bands through Junior High and High School.  


After entering college in 1971, Corey was becoming very influenced by Classic Country and Country Rock. Through the 70's he played in a Country Rock band called Pepper Tree and jammed heavily with many local musicians, while also attending college. Raising a family and continuing to persue a professional career resulted in putting aside membership in a band, but once his kids "left the nest", Corey wasted no time resuming his passion for playing music with other musicians.

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Born Lucinda in Berkeley Ca 1974, but grew up in Concord, Ca.


Cindy has always loved music. Either singing, or dancing to it. She learned to sing in High School choir and by listening to Linda Ronstadt, Crystal Gayle, and Helen Ready in her parent’s car. Now she is influencing her own children with music too.


Cindy says her favorite country artist is Martina Mcbride - "I love her style, class, and most of all her vocal range. I love to sing her material due to the challenging high notes and passionate stories."


We also know Cindy has a hankering for the music of Miranda Lambert too!


Cindy operates Karaoke DJ shows by night and singing lead vocals in her first band, Tone Pony.


Cindy says " I LOVE singing with TONE PONY!! I'm here now, hopefully to stay, and I am loving every minute of the live band scene. My band mates are teaching me the ropes, since I’m the New Cowgirl in town".




Tone Pony is happy to have the very talented and experienced Scott Riggs on Bass and vocals. Though he is multi-instrumental, Bass is his prefered instrument. Scott has enjoyed playing Rock, Blues and Bluegrass, but his favorite genre is Country. Scott has been playing in Bay Area bands for over 20 years. He toured the South and Mid West with the Kevin Atwater Band back in 2004. He has been in the Northern California Country Music scene ever since, playing in many popular Country bands. Now Scott brings his musical experience and talents to play in TONE PONY!





I have always loved music since I was a kid. My first influences came from my Dad’s taste in Jazz listening to Dave Brubeck and Ahmad Jamal as a youngster. I really took notice of the drum solo’s and gravitated towards drums early on.


About 1978 I moved to Dallas, Texas and started jamming with friends and eventually played in some rock bands.  In 1985 I moved to California to further my career in the construction trades.  I started playing drums again, finding my way into the country music scene, playing with the bands Diamondback, Silver Spur and Boot Hill. I played all around Contra Costa County and East Bay area clubs and festivals, and even opened for Mark Chestnut at the Fremont festival of the Arts in 1997 with Diamondback.


In 1997 I Joined Southbound, with lead singer and Bassist Ken Ross. I played in Southbound off and on for 19 years. Since then I have had the great honor and privilege to play with some of the best country-rock players in the East Bay. Over time I also learned a great deal about sound engineering and created a Sound company. From weddings to full outdoor concerts I gained experience that became very helpful as a working drummer. I even had the opportunity to work on the Jimmy Buffet sound crew when they came to the Greek Theater in Berkeley in 2014.


In the summer of 2017 I was ready to look for a new music/band project. Tone Pony, a band I had subbed with many times, recruited me to become their full time drummer. Ever since I met  Cindy and the guys in Tone Pony I liked their Country music style,  singing talents and musicianship! I had not played music with a  female vocalist in a long time and that was very exciting for me to do again. I had to work hard to catch up, but I’m glad I did because now it’s my turn to ride with TONE PONY!

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William Brown was born in Circleville, Ohio and raised on his family’s small farm in the rolling hills of Ohio. Will learned to play guitar and sing while sitting on the porch playing old country songs with his dad. He studied music for couple years after graduating high school. He was influenced by country music greats….Chet Adkins, Merle Haggard and many other country icons.


Will moved to Phoenix, Arizona and began to play the C&W club circuit. He combined a smooth, melodic tone with his love for traditional country to create his own unique sound on his Fender Telecaster. Will’s distinctive sound has been heard in many groups in Phoenix including Young Country, Jenny Lynn & the Men and many other country artist’s for over 25 years. Will moved to Tucson, Arizona where he played great country night clubs including Mavericks, Eddies, and the C Note for six years.


Will played in Reno, Nevada with the Seven Days Gone Band for three years and two years in Boise, Idaho with Denae Gardner and other country groups.


Will has also worked as a soundman for several groups and night clubs, which has helped to develop his understanding of music and equipment.


Will has now found a home playing guitar with the Tone Pony Band in the beautiful Bay Area of California !

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